Wheeeeef, what an incredible journey it is! In our desire to create the perfect online tea shop, we engaged to perform a thousand tasks in the shortest period to get this business going. Now we're glad to announce everyone that we're approaching the big day - the day we're going to launch our website. Everybody on our Team is ready, everybody is thrilled, everybody has the highest expectations.

Our Mission

We strive to make this online tea shop to become a reference place for buying tea online. A place where good taste and a healthy lifestyle is appreciated. A place where we value your time and strive to design the entire process in the most convenient way.

What It's All About

First of all, it's all about love. It's all about TEA. It's all about kaTEA - the Kenyan tea at its finest. It's about helping this beautiful selection of teas enter your homes and your lives. It's about sharing relaxing thoughts, bright memories, pure dreams of a better world, and a piece of Africa :)

The Statement of Our Engagement Depicted Through a Logo

To constantly remind ourselves about our engagement to deliver the best tea through our online tea shop, we created an amazing logo and attached a bright idea to each element. K is for Kenya. It is pure nature, wildlife, and an exotic feeling of freedom that are attached to the teas we sell. The original blends of Kenyan tea will make you enjoy these notes long after you've served the tea. A is for Approach - the strive to put the clients on the first place, and help them find the tea that they're looking for. T is for Team - a bunch of young, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals from all over the world, bound by the idea that good things need to be shared. E is for Expectations - that dreamy and daring atmosphere where everything is possible. If you've started your day with a Kenyan tea, of course :) A The last A is for Ambition. The ultimate desire to be the best, to conquer the heights of success and to leave our clients satisfied.

Short About Our Products

All our Tea types are purchased through a tea export licensed agent located in Mombasa, Kenya, and after safely traveling over the Atlantic, they enter into a fantastic journey of reinvention, giving our clients the chance to experience various tastes.

High Quality

Customers are provided with high-quality Kenyan pure tea in both loose leaves format, for convenient traditional infusion and bagged in pyramids, for office and event use.


Isn't it wonderful when an excellent product also has an excellent price? Given that our teas are sourced directly from Kenyan auctions, there is no "middle-man product price increase."

Unique Blends

It took our best nutritionists to develop some unique blends in tisane (herbal tea) line and ice tea.
  • Traditional and non-traditional blends. In parallel with general trends fashioning Asian tea and tisanes, we are equally employing more traditional, Mediterranean ingredients, inspired by ancient legends and Mediterranean kitchen.
  • Superfoods. The power of our supplement blends will simply amaze you. Proven natural health benefiting proprieties of so-called superfoods at a click away (ex. Kale-rose-mint blend, resveratrol antioxidant blend, chlorella-lavender-orange blend).
  • Detox blends. carefully architectured in our lab to offer the best of our knowledge and expertise helping body detoxification.
  • The Challenge

    We challenge you to explore our shop of authentic Kenyan tea and order them. It's as simple to bring Kenya closer to you. We'll always be around, so feel free to contact us in relation to any questions you might have. Here at KaTEA we treasure our clients' trust, and will do our best to develop the classiest, craziest, and unique teas, while still keeping the traditional note of a slight Mediterranean breeze. Warmest Regards, The KaTEA Team ---- other ideas to be included Tea Types : - Purple - Black CTC - Black Orthodox - Green Orthodox - White - *Herbal & Blends - *Iced Tea